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Text Post Thu, Jul. 12, 2012 12 notes

Hey guys remember that one time I talked about possible birthdays for Tintin characters? Answer: no.

I just choose the day the books they first appeared in were published, but that meant many characters sharing the same birthday so yeah, it was frustrating.

I thought it’d be nice if we had the day the page they first appeared in was published and I found a website with it fsdafsad

Here are some because I love them ok

the little shit himself Tintin - January 10th (That’s already well known but still)

Snowy - January 10th as well

Haddock - January 2nd

Chang - May 30th

Skut - July 31th

Allan - January 16th (I… thought he first appeared alongside Tom? Well whatever)

Tom - December 5th

Zorrino - April 17th

Nestor - November 14th (that is now International Swag Day)

Castafiore - January 5th