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Video Post Tue, Aug. 28, 2012 9 notes

Making off of “Le Chat du Rabbin”, with the little shit making a cameo XDD
Translation of the Portuguese subs (at 5:05):

"In the Congo, we see a young reporter, very self-assured."

"They’re like kids to him."


"He doesn’t even notice, he doesn’t realize he’s being arrogant."

"He sees them as children."

"It’s like I said this: See, gentlemen? It’s the newspaper I write for. Well, I don’t actually write, naturally. They use a device named printing. Can you understand  western characters?

"Then we’re also going to show that he annoys them since early morning. As soon as they get up, the other is in the river saying he washes himself. It’s always the in the same idea: educating the population."

As you can see, I bathe. Once a day. I’m protected against diseases and lice. Baths are no joke. They’re excellent for your health.

Goodbye, friends! And don’t forget to see me in the newspaper, every week! Bye!

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    I swore Tintin made a derp face when he was telling the guys about the newspaper.
  4. kadytheredpanda said: I’ve helped stop drug and human trafficking, I saved a Chinese friend’s life twice, I went to the moon, yadda yadda… But you go to the Congo ONE TIME and people won’t let you live that shit DOWN *drinks til out*- OOC Tintin